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We want you to know that there is HOPE and you don't have to suffer anymore. Our office is based on making sure that you get results. What we have found over the past 25 years is that your brain and nervous system must be working properly in order for your body to heal. With that in mind, we have based everything towards that goal. Every service we offer is designed to help you optimize your body's innate ability to heal. From Specific Regenerative Medicine to Trigenics Myoneurological Reset and neurological rehabilitation. We want you to get better as quick as possible, as safe as possible and without dangerous drugs or surgery. By providing you with the best care possible. You can start living your life again.

Who we are?

Michigan Regenerative Specialists is all about taking care of the underlying reason (bad function) that your body is breaking down (bad structure). Our care programs utilize the most up to date treatment systems to restore proper function and to regenerate the structure. Wouldn’t it be better to put new tires on a car that had proper alignment and was running properly? It is our goal to help you have the best quality of life by restoring proper function while regenerating any dis-eased structure. For awesome results, you need awesome care.

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